Remind me, who is a non-provisional taxpayer?

As explained in the article about provisional and non-provisional taxpayers, a non-provisional taxpayer is:

“A non-provisional taxpayer is any individual who gets a salary, has PAYE deducted from their monthly earnings and does not have any additional income over and above their regular salary/income”

– Smith and Rossi

This type of taxpayer does a single tax return with a deadline due mid-October. Here is a list of the documents that you need to submit in one of these non-provisional tax returns.

A quick list of the documents for a non-provisional tax return

  • IRP5
  • Medical Aid certificate
  • Logbook
  • Retirement Annuity Certificate
  • IT3(b) and IT3(c) – investment certificates

1) Tax certificate – IRP5

An IRP5 is an individual’s tax certificate. This document contains information about the individual’s tax number, income, tax, and other deductions at the end of the year. This is submitted to SARS by your employer at the end of each financial year and uploaded to the eFiling website for you to use and submit online.

2) Medical Aid Certificate

As with the tax certificate, this document outlines the amount paid by an individual, for both the individual and their dependents, over the financial year. This can be requested from the medical aid, usually via the website, profile, or a consultant.

3) Logbook 

A logbook needs to be submitted if the individual makes use of a personal vehicle for business purposes. The individual needs to keep a log of the details of each trip for the business and keep a tally of the total kilometers.

4) Retirement Annuity Certificate – IT3(f)

This certificate contains information about the voluntary contributions made by an individual to a retirement annuity over the year. The individual will need to populate this certificate if it hasn’t been done by the financial services company already and submit it via the eFiling website.

5) Investment certificates – IT3(b) and IT3(c) 

These two tax certificates are received from a bank or financial services company. It reflects the interest, dividends, disposals, etc. of an individual’s investments and holdings. 

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