Being unemployed comes with many stressors, things to consider, tasks to check off a long list to stay afloat and on your feet, struggling to understand the government’s Unemployment Insurance Fund should not be adding to your stress and confusion. So, here is everything you need to know in order to claim from UIF.

Who can claim UIF?

In a previous blog post, we explained that employers need to be paying UIF every month. This goes for anyone who works for more than 24 hours for a specific employer per month. The way it works is the employer deducts 1% of the employee’s salary and puts that towards UIF, and then matches it with another 1% (from the employer), resulting in a 2% contribution.

Anyone who has lost their jobs or is unable to work (for reasons below), and who has UIF contributions in their name can claim from the fund.

What can you claim UIF for?

There are 5 different types of scenarios covered by the UIF.

Unemployment: if you are dismissed, retrenched or your contract has ended, you can claim. You cannot claim it if you resign.

Illness: if you are ill and unable to work for more than two weeks, you can claim.

Maternity: If you take maternity leave you are able to claim for up to 17 weeks’ pay. If you miscarry in your third trimester or the baby is stillborn, you can claim for up to 6 weeks’ pay.

Adoption: If you adopt a child over 2 years old and have to stop working to care for the child, you can claim.

Death: the spouse or minor child of a family member can claim on the deceased behalf for contributions made in their name.

How to claim UIF

In order to claim UIF, you will need to have registered either at a Labour Centre or online, with the following documents:

·        A copy of 13-digit bar-coded identity document.

·        A copy of your last six payslips.

·        Information supplied by your employer (UI-19).

·        A service certificate from the employer.

·        Proof of registration as a work seeker.

·        A fully completed registration form.

After this you will need to go to a Labour Centre or claim online and following this you will need to go in once every 4 weeks to confirm you are still needing UIF payments. After 8 weeks you should begin receiving payments.

Should you have further questions about the Unemployment Fund, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.